2 January 2015 | in ERP Software

Technology Predictions: The trends that will shape the ERP software industry in 2015

Written by Intact Software
Technology Predictions: The trends that will shape the ERP software industry in 2015

To uncover the hottest trends in business software for 2015, we took a look back at a very busy 2014.

With more closed deals and projects in the pipeline than ever before we’ve seen businesses not only investing in their infrastructure and business operations again but actively seeking to capitalise on the latest technologies.

We got Mark McArdle, Group Sales Director for Intact Software, to give us a run-down on the trends that shaped 2014 and asked what he feels will follow through in 2015.


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According to Mark McArdle

In the past, ERP technology has been slow to change but the last few years have seen some major forces at work.  In fact ERP software has been evolving at break-neck speed with greater mobility, SaaS & Cloud options and better integration with applications such as eCommerce.

In the current edition of the Hardware & HomeStyle magazine, Mark tells us…


  • How increased sales channels such as eCommerce webshops are enabling businesses to bring in additional revenue,
  • How mobility is supporting key business roles with real-time information aiding on the spot decision-making and,
  • How improved user experiences and interfaces are central to achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction



Mark also expands further in the Business First Online Magazine on...


  • The importance of enhanced Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policies and controls to protect company sensitive information and,
  • How manipulating analytics and big data is key to increasing sales opportunities

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Do you see any other major ERP software trends you expect to take off in 2015?  What are your business software priorities this year? Let us know in the comment box below...

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