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Sunday Business Post Connected - '6-on-6' Leaders Questions with Intact CEO Justin Lawless

Written by Intact Software
Sunday Business Post Connected - '6-on-6' Leaders Questions with Intact CEO Justin Lawless

From the ‘right to be forgotten’ to the National Broadband Plan, Justin gives his view. . .



1. The British government is cracking down on tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Twitter with new tax rules. What is your opinion on how these corporations should pay tax?


"Tax should be applicable in the country where the sale takes place. IP charges and management fees could be deducted, but not to the extent where sensible business doesn’t occur."


2. A second businessman has launched a court case against Google citing the ‘right to be forgotten’ from the search engine. Do you think those with a criminal past have the ‘right to be forgotten’ in an age of social media and tech?


"In a modern age, it should be incorporated into the narrative and sentencing, and particular crimes come without the right to be forgotten – if the legal system was effective and unbiased, that is."


3. One of the two bidders for the National Broadband Plan contract has dropped out, stalling the progress. How do you think this lack of broadband affects small businesses based around Ireland?


"A lack of broadband not only affects existing small businesses, but there is also an unimaginable opportunity cost where start-ups just don’t happen. The internet levels the playing field for all."


4. Educational virtual reality (VR) is a fast-rising technology in Ireland – how soon do you think the technology will become an everyday item, if ever? 


"The tech enthusiast part of me would love to see it next year; the optimist part says five years; the realist part says 15 years. While tech giants fight it out for classroom eyeballs, it will remain widespread cost-prohibitive."


5. What do you think can be done about the gender gap in the technology industry?


"I think there are three things – introduce technology at an earlier age in education, celebrate the achievements of women in technology to date, and kill the bro culture that often exists and remove pay gaps."


6. Name one app you couldn’t live without?


"My photo app for when I’m travelling and missing family."




Excerpt taken from Leadership Questions '6-on-6' from the Sunday Business Post April Edition of Connected. 


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