20 October 2016 | in Events

News: Intact iQ competes with 12 leading ERP vendors at 2 day ERP HEADtoHEAD

Written by Intact Software
News: Intact iQ competes with 12 leading ERP vendors at 2 day ERP HEADtoHEAD

This week saw Intact iQ compete in a unique ERP HEADtoHEAD event hosted by Lumenia Consulting in Dublin, Ireland.  Pitched against the likes of Sage X3, Microsoft AX, Microsoft Nav, Epicor and other leading ERP vendors in front of an audience of committed buyers, it was a real opportunity to show how Irish-developed Intact iQ not only compares to but is as functionally powerful as our peers.

The event kicked off with each vendor giving a 4 minute pitch vying for the attention of the senior IT buyers in the room and Intact iQ certainly stood out for all the right reasons.  Emphasis was placed on one important point – that the ‘world’s best package’ may not actually be the ‘best fit’ package.




This pitch greatly contributed to our well attended full-length demonstrations focused on the areas of sales – high volume processing and procurement. Such was the turnout, interest and high audience participation in our second demonstration that we ran over time.  Not a bad complaint!


According to Mark McArdle, Group Sales Director of Intact Software, “It’s not always easy to differentiate amongst the leading packages so an event like the ERP HEADtoHEAD is a great opportunity for companies to find the perfect fit vendor and system.  And, it’s the ideal opportunity to discover which system offers the industry domain knowledge that is going to help you unleash your true potential.  The attendees at this year’s event certainly benefitted from being able to talk to, and quiz, each and every vendor under the one roof”.


One of the highlights of the event was the panel discussion by industry end users.  Three companies, all of whom have implemented ERP, spoke about their experiences, both good and bad, and answered questions from the floor.  It was a very insightful discussion and well received by those in attendance.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank David O’Keeffe of Print Solutions who spoke very highly of Intact iQ and the impact it has had on his business.  You can read more about Print Solution’s customer experience here.


Overall, the opportunity to compete alongside leading ERP vendors showed us that we are extremely well placed in the market and capable of meeting the many challenges faced by businesses today.


The event was extremely well organised by Lumenia Consulting and very professionally run.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and hope that your selection process has been somewhat easier as a result.  We’ll look forward to speaking to some of again very soon.


Photos: C/O Lumenia Consulting

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