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Look before you leap when choosing an ERP system

Written by Intact Software
Look before you leap when choosing an ERP system

In the Sunday Business Post’s recent Annual ERP report, Mark McArdle, Group Sales Director of Intact Software, talks with Quinton O’Reilly and offers some key advice.


Mark used the article to stress that if you’re looking for a new ERP system, it’s important to look before you leap when choosing who to go with. Whilst words like ‘cloud ERP’ and ‘mobility’ might be commonplace, it’s not something you jump into without properly thinking about them first. 


A new ERP system can greatly improve how you do business but you can easily get swept up in the latest buzzwords.  According to Mark the success or otherwise of some of these new advances in technology will depend on a number of factors unique to each business.  For example Cloud ERP may not be the best decision if you are in a broadband blackspot!


Mark does state that this is not to put people off buying new ERP software.  It’s to ensure that the work you put into every stage of the process, from initial discussion to final implementation, will uncover no surprises.


“Some companies tend to underestimate just how much an ERP system can change the dynamics of a company. Some jobs may end up changing significantly, either because it takes a lot of the workload off people or it requires them to learn an entirely different, but better, way of working.”


It’s important therefore that adequate time, resources and management go into the ‘pre-planning’ of any move to new ERP software.  You need to be ready for it, know the reason for doing it and the value it will bring to your business, long term. 


You can read the full article here.




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