14 February 2019 | in News & Events

Intact & Aphix Software help Irish companies generate €200 million in online orders

Written by Intact Software
Intact & Aphix Software help Irish companies generate €200 million in online orders

Five years on from a joint partnership between Intact and Aphix Software, we see over €200 million in online sales and mobile orders generated by the Irish companies we have mutually supported.


It was back in 2013/14 that Intact was regularly approached by customers looking for an online presence for their business.  They sought an ecommerce solution that would bring their bricks and mortar business online and that would also integrate into their Intact system.


With increasing demand came a joint partnership between award winning eCommerce provider Aphix Software and Intact.  Together we now enable hundreds of Intact customers across Ireland and the UK to take their business online with a B2B and/or B2C ecommerce solution.  We also seamlessly integrate mobile order taking for sales reps on the road.


These integrated solutions provide a real-time flow of information between the Intact ERP system and the Aphix Software platforms, helping Irish companies to increase revenue, improve customer service levels and grow their business.


Intact Group Sales Director Mark McArdle said of the Aphix partnership “We had customers looking for a solution to the unique challenges they faced with getting their business model online. They could see the potential to grow but were unsure where to turn.


They already trusted us to provide their ERP and knew it was vital that any online solution had to be able to ‘talk to’ their Intact system.


We worked closely with Aphix to deliver the right solution and 5 years on, we return to them again and again when customers come to us with the same problems and ambitions for growth.”


Integrated eCommerce solution

Helen McAuliffe, Enterprise Ireland, Graham O'Rourke, CEO, Aphix Software & Mark McArdle, Group Sales Director, Intact Software


Aphix Software CEO Graham O’Rourke cemented Aphix’s passion for helping B2B companies to grow and how the support of Intact and their customers has been vital in achieving this, “We passionately believe that by better connecting buyers and sellers we drive growth and simplify business for our customers.


Intact and their customers have been paramount to our ability to do this and to continue to do this into the future. Without those first Intact customers trusting us to help them solve their unique business challenges we wouldn’t have been able to go on and help so many more.


We are now in a great position to work with companies across the UK, Ireland and further afield to help them grow and scale their business with the right digital tools.”


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