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Customer confidence high at Intact Software Xlerate Conference

Written by Intact Software
Customer confidence high at Intact Software Xlerate Conference

Last week saw the launch of Intact Xline to the UK market at the Intact Software Xlerate Customer Conference in the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. 

The conference saw the introduction of our new software package Intact Xline and the release of V18, the latest version of Intact Vline, both of which got a fantastic reception.


For our customers, the conference was all about providing them with options.  Whether they decide to remain with their current Vline system or embrace the new technology channels Intact Xline brings, we continue to support all of our customers with the software and services they require to strive in today’s economy.




The morning session began by announcing the continuity V18 release for Vline which supports GDPR and will satisfy MTD (Making Tax Digital) regulations when they come into play next April. A number of new features to the Vline product were also introduced and some tips and tricks were highlighted for customers to try out when they got back to the office.


Justin Lawless, CEO of Intact Software, then spoke about the digital economy and how Intact Xline, while not a full ERP solution, is next generation business management software that embraces all the new technologies that enable you to become more mobile or see online




The Intact team proceeded to take the attendees through many of Intact Xline’s key features such as the Report Scheduler, Customer Opportunity Analysis, Credit Card Integration, Stock Requisitions and more.  Valued additions to the product such as Intact Cliqx, our integrated online ecommerce platform and Intact Access, mobile access to key business information and controls 24/7 were also discussed.


The conference closed on the Intact Ideation Forum – a great place to influence Intact software’s  product roadmap.


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