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Homefit N.I. Builder’s Merchant Making Business Better with Intact iQ

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Homefit N.I. Builder’s Merchant Making Business Better with Intact iQ

Belfast based Homefit N.I, a well-known Builders Merchants, have chosen Intact Software to implement their new ERP system. The family-owned business operates three branches consisting of two Builders Merchants and a Bathroom Store.


Established in 1988 on the Suffolk Road in Belfast, and after outgrowing their original premises, Homefit re-located to its current HQ in Hannahstown Hill in 2002 and in 2008 they opened a second branch in Lanark Way extending their services in Belfast. Their latest branch “Homefit for Bathrooms” located on Kennedy Way, opened its doors in January 2016.


For 30 years they have continued to excel as a business. They’ve experienced steady growth and have now chosen to adopt an ERP system in Intact iQ that will elevate their business to even greater heights.


John Kelly, Company Director said, “In order to meet the needs of our business growth plan we identified areas within the business that needed improvement, areas such as; stock control, margin control and improving customer service at the point of sale would need to be enhanced and streamlined. We needed an ERP system that would be also flexible enough to suit our way of doing business, which is why we chose Intact iQ.


It gives us the ability to monitor stock levels based on customer demand, allowing us to purchase better, sell better and to out service the competition in our local area.”


John who has a strong industry background is a former employee of Brooks Belfast and a Quantity Surveying Graduate of the University of Ulster noted, “I identified that outside of the accounts department, it was a completely paper-based business process which led to duplication of orders, lots of manual processing, manual policing of pricing and led to lost man-hours that were being eaten up doing the simplest of tasks. Intact iQ will focus on eliminating all of the grunge work and manual processes within the business.”


Implementing an ERP system brings all of the disparate systems and processes across branches together onto the one system and provides the company with an enterprise-wide control which is what Homefit NI really needed. They will have full visibility and control over their business processes which offers them the ability to grow the business further without having to double the back office staff. They say they now view their ERP system as a brand new employee.


Michael McNeill who is Operations Manager and has a very strong IT background said, “We will have a dedicated employee in our Intact iQ system who knows the price of every product we have. It allows us to know the last price we paid for the product, it tells us the last price that every customer paid for it and when its due to be delivered. This all comes combined with reminders and notifications so nothing ever falls through the cracks.”


He added, “Another key selling point for us was that the ERP system takes everything out of the head of the individual using the system. It allows the business to apply the criteria for selling, setting workflow conditions and controls right the way across all our branches which help to protect our margin. We can set strict purchasing and trade counter guidelines allowing us to buy better, sell better and retain our margin rather than giving it out the door.


Intact iQ also offers us the flexibility to tailor the system to our needs versus working with an off the shelf package. It’s this flexibility which gives us a unique custom fit system that we believe will not only bring our procedures in line with our competitors but actually give us a competitive edge.”



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