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Dental Medical Ireland (DMI) choose to future-proof their business with Intact iQ

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Dental Medical Ireland (DMI) choose to future-proof their business with Intact iQ

DMI is an Irish owned medical and dental supplies company located in CentrePoint Business Park in Dublin. The company counts Dentists, Hospitals, HSE primary care clinics, GP surgeries and many other Healthcare practices of all sizes among its customers. They pride themselves on their impressive range of products and overall exceptional dedication to their customers.


Over the past 10 years DMI has been on a steady growth curve and with that growth comes many challenges. One of those challenges is the ability to effectively use their business management software to continue to grow their business.


Initially, the software they had chosen was to facilitate around 10 users. They now have up to 30 users and need a more advanced system that can easily integrate with their e-commerce provider whilst adding increased functionality without limitations on the number of users it can support.


CEO Pat O’Brien said: “We have successfully used Intact Software’s V-Line solution for the past 10 years. But with the increased demands on our business, we need a fully integrated, enterprise-wide system that can offer us a multitude of other benefits."




He added “Over the years our business strategy has been continuously evolving, and perhaps in the early days, we as a company were not as heavily engaged in e-commerce as we are now. Selling online has increasingly become a major part of our business model and, in fact, we predict that in around 3 years’ time 80% of our sales will be online.


Our software, which has served us well, wasn’t designed to fully integrate with an e-commerce solution and while it allowed us to begin the process of selling online we need a system that can not only offer us more stability but will give us a solid platform on which to grow our business.”


It was at this point that the business decision to not only upgrade their software but to improve their overall processes was made.


DMI Project Manager Gary Mullen began an exercise to assess the company’s operational procedures across all departments. Through this process, he was able to identify the bottlenecks and gaps, plus many other areas where they could improve the business overall.


The DMI team consulted their current software provider Intact Software and were introduced to Intact iQ, an ERP system that is capable of providing the functionality they require whilst having the ability to scale with their business. The ERP system seamlessly integrates with their e-commerce provider as standard which was a real plus.


Gary explained: “As well as wanting the e-commerce integration from our new software, we wanted to introduce a new system capable of automating many areas of the business.


Intact iQ allows us to apply better controls at the ordering stage that will help us to radically improve our margins and with such tight controls will ultimately add to our bottom line.


The system will allow us to apply output rules that will automate the sending of emails to customers. It will also send automated sales reports to the management team and our reps which will prevent the need to search around trying to find or compile data for the purpose of reporting on KPIs which we struggled with in the past.


Intact iQ will also empower us to make better business decisions because the system provides all of our departments with real-time data on demand 24/7, on the desktop, laptop and Intact Access mobile app.”


Intact iQ ERP Product Overview

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