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22 September 2017 | in ERP Software

How Agile is your Business Management Software?

Written by Intact Software
How Agile is your Business Management Software?

Does your business management software support your business by being agile enough to respond rapidly and intuitively to any changes in operational or market conditions?


Unfortunately, many companies who choose a software vendor find out when it’s too late that their chosen vendor pretty much dictates how the system is to be used. If they say you should be doing something in a certain way, then that is the way you have to do it.


For any builder’s merchants, using a restrictive system where minor changes are both incredibly costly to make or come with excessively long development times it can be extremely frustrating.

This can result in huge issues when trying to communicate a simple change request that gets lost in translation from the end user to reseller to software developer and back again.


It’s for this reason that if you’re thinking about upgrading your business management software and you require a little more flexibility in your functionality, you should be looking for a quickly adaptable, agile software solution that addresses these issues from the get-go.  


Judging from our experience, on any given day either you or another end user might want to improve how your software system operates in order to streamline the efficiency of your daily business tasks.


Requests can range from colour coding of customers in a meaningful way that’s specific to you, preventing staff from placing orders under certain circumstances, ensuring your most popular products are in stock at all times, preventing margin leakage by taking control of discounting at the point of sale or simply by adding new fields to CRM records.


If this level of change request scares you, then it shouldn’t.


An agile ERP system is a dynamic tool and when used correctly it can grow your business and help you gain a competitive advantage. These systems are developed using the latest technologies and offer a more agile and cost-effective way to tailor your software to suit all your little nuances.


It’s these small changes that make a big impact and could result in a new level of efficiency and productivity within your business; giving you more time to focus on the other areas that add more value. 


In today’s business world, if your employees have access to a repository of real-time accurate information and data, it enables them to quickly and efficiently respond to any incidents that may arise. Customisable dashboards allow end users to quickly and easily interpret information and make intelligent “data-based” business decisions.


At Intact we understand that there is no one size fits all ERP solutions, that’s why for the past 25 years we have been listening to our customer change requests and by using an agile approach we are constantly improving our software to suit your needs.


Our 3rd generation ERP product, Intact iQ, contains a unique personalisation layer that enables perfect fit automated business processes and role-based tailored screen design. Basically, it’s all about what you want to do and how you want to do it.


So of you are thinking about upgrading your existing ERP software or thinking of taking the first steps, be sure to check if the software is agile enough to adapt to your own unique business needs as you grow.


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