2 October 2012 | in Business Intelligence

Exposing the importance of having an online backup of your mobile data

Written by Intact Software
Exposing the importance of having an online backup of your mobile data

serious security vulnerability on Android devices that allows them to be wiped clean by clicking on a link has been revealed in the last couple of weeks.

It initially was thought to only affect some Samsung Android devices but now it turns out that many Android devices are vulnerable.

The vulnerability wipes your Android device when you visit a webpage with the malicious code.

Dylan Reeve has a detailed explanation of how the exploit works.  He has also built a page to test if your device is vulnerable.

If when you click on the link on your Android device it shows your IMEI number then you are at risk.

Update the software on your phone as soon as possible. Samsung have already released a patch but some other phones have not been patched yet.


So what happens if my phone gets wiped like this?

Well, hopefully you have a backup...

“You do backups, don’t you?”

From a business perspective, it is now crucial for business owners to consider including their mobile devices in their backup strategy or else implement a strict control on how company data is handled on mobile devices.

In the last few months we have seen a huge uptake in our on-line backup service. This vital service ensures critical data is backed up to an offsite location and allows you to prepare for a disaster recovery situation, should it occur.  It also includes a backup of your mobile devices so that it becomes part of your overall backup strategy.


If you haven’t as yet considered managing your mobile data then maybe this security risk may push it to the top of your priority list.


On a lighter note, it wasn’t just Android that had some trouble recently.  Apple also has some issues with their new mapping application …… Apple gives Dublin a new airfield!

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