10 May 2017 | in Business Intelligence

Enterprise Mobility - What are Your Key Performance Indicators?

Written by Intact Software
Enterprise Mobility - What are Your Key Performance Indicators?

If I asked you now, how your company is performing on a daily basis, could you tell me?’ 

Do you know if your company is hitting daily targets or important KPIs, in your absence?


In today’s economic climate you have to work harder and smarter to continue growing your business, whether through existing customers or new business.  Quite often, much of your time is spent out of the office meeting potential and existing customers and keeping abreast of your company’s daily performance can fall behind. It's for this reason we are seeing a shift in trend towards Enterprise Mobility or business owners wanting to make their business efficiently mobile.


Key Performance Indicators delivered to your phone

If you’re out all day, do you spend time phoning your staff for information or dialling into the office in the evening to run important reports (rather than spending time relaxing with your family)? What effect would it have on you and your business, if you could get key information delivered to your phone? 


Imagine finishing a meeting, checking your phone and you can readily access one or more of the following pieces of information in it:


  • Value of Sales Invoices for the Day
  • Value of Orders/Quotes for the Day
  • Margin reports for the day by Rep
  • Value of Purchase Orders for the Day, highlighting ones over the value of €x
  • Stock Valuation by location by category
  • Aged Debtors with average debtor days
  • Invoices Due Payment today/tomorrow/this week

You get the idea.


The crucial point is, the right information, delivered to your phone or email as in real time means you no longer have to miss out on KPIs that could affect your business.



With today’s technological advancements, all of the above is possible; the question is whether your Business Management Software can deliver it.


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