5 March 2018 | in Business Intelligence

A Guide To Enterprise Mobility

Written by Intact Software
A Guide To Enterprise Mobility Use the Power of Mobile Devices to Increase Efficiency, Drive Sales & Stay in Control

The mobile revolution is changing the way organisations work, manage their operations and engage with their employees. As a result, organisations are reconsidering their technologies and techniques to make their business more mobile friendly. It’s no longer a question of asking whether you should be adopting a mobile solution for your customer-facing employees.


It is now a case of understanding how best to embrace the opportunities enterprise mobility offers to add long-term value to your business.


Smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed how your employees and customers behave. With access to resources available at only a few taps, more and more people are using their mobile devices to check information or carry out tasks previously done on computers or physically with paper.


Not many companies are currently enabling their employees to interact with them effectively via mobile devices. Delivering an appropriate mobile solution for your employees, therefore, offers a great point of differentiation from your competitors.


"Enterpriser Mobility allows you to work anywhere, boost revenue, improve productivity & stay ahead of the competition"


So how will making your business more mobile benefit your business?


Read our free enterprise mobility guide in which we discuss:


1. How It empowers your Employees


One of the biggest selling points of enterprise mobility is the freedom it can provide business users. It allows senior management to keep abreast of their company’s daily performance in real time, enabling them to work in the business even when they are not physically there.


2. Why It’s a Low Cost, High Adoption Solution

Providing access to your business system on your users own mobile devices is a low cost, yet very effective, solution for your business.


3. How It Improves Productivity

Improved business processes and improved productivity were most frequently mentioned as the primary benefit of enterprise mobility, cited by 53% of respondents in a recent survey (Apperian, 2016).


4. How It Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition

The improved efficiencies to your processes will afford your team with more time to focus on driving sales.


In this e-book, we give you the step by step approach to take with regard to mobilising your business.


Enterprise Mobility Guide

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