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25 January 2018 | in ERP Software

How Upgrading Your Business Management Software Can Future Proof Business Growth

Written by Intact Software
How Upgrading Your Business Management Software Can Future Proof Business Growth

With much uncertainty surrounding the future of trading both in and out of the UK, now is a good time for Merchants, Wholesalers and Distributors to take stock of their trading and operational efficiency.

It’s a time to review how smoothly you are managing your business and how you can plan to improve your current business processes to optimise your stock, fill the gaps and make an impact on your bottom line.

Take a moment to briefly ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your current business software help you take control of your business, drive sales and improve margins?
  2. Does your current business software provide you with the functionality and tools you need to unlock your true business potential or is it holding you back?

If you’re not sure or answered no to either of the above questions, then you could be doing more to maximise your business returns through your business management software.

The use of disparate systems is in rapid decline. More and more businesses are realising the benefits of replacing their existing unintegrated, outdated systems (as well as other manual processes) with fully integrated business management software that works off a central repository of data.


Tailored business management software to suit your needs

For that reason, if you’re thinking about upgrading your business management software this year and you require a little more flexibility in your functionality, you should invest in a flexible software solution that provides a high level of personalization, customisation and one that can quickly adapt to change requests with minimum disruption.

You may not know this yet, but when software is tailored correctly to suit all your little business nuances, it can actually help your business to grow and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Choosing an integrated software approach

By choosing an integrated approach to your business, it will allow you to access real-time, accurate information in order to respond quickly and efficiently to those environmental changes which are unique to your own individual priorities or market pressures.

Live data means you can optimise your stock levels and only carry a required amount of stock based on the previous 12 months’ trends and sales figures. To complement this process, predictive stock ordering ensures that you never run out of any stock item.

The impact that business management software can have is not only reflected internally in terms of efficiency and better finances due to controlling margins and tightened stock control but it also impacts externally for your customers as well through stock availability and being their preferred “always reliable” fully stocked provider.


About Intact iQ ERP System

Intact iQ is a comprehensive, feature-rich business software package that promotes efficiencies, competitiveness and profitability for businesses seeking to work smarter. 

It does this through maintaining accurate accounts and real-time financial data, detailed reporting, by automating time-consuming manual tasks, controlling stock, managing cash flow, improving customer service, controlling margin and many other features that help businesses to succeed. 

Intact Software’s background and extensive experience over 25 years mean we know what works for merchants, wholesalers and distributors and how to make it work for your customers. 

Looking for merchant ERP software? Unsure what to look out for? Read ‘The Definitive Guide to Merchant Software’. It has all you need to know.

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