Modern Versus Future Ready ERP/Business Management Software

Which one will get you where you need to be?

ERP solutions last ten, fifteen, sometimes twenty years. They become part of the status quo, the fabric of your organisation and….., dare I say it, the ‘culture’.

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The Business Process Review – Where ERP Benefits Come to Life

Many companies replace their ERP system because they have to. Their system is no longer supported, is too slow, can’t facilitate growth etc. and these pain points grow to the point where they are unbearable so they set out to find a replacement

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Global Versus Local ERP Software

Making the decision to invest in a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is something all growing businesses face as current legacy systems become outdated, sluggish and no longer fit for purpose in our digital world. If you find

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6 Business Process Automation Tools designed to streamline your business

The Benefits of Automation 

Today’s business environment demands the highest level of efficiency possible. One of the best ways to effectively achieve this is to leverage your business software to automate labour-intensive processes.



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Cloud ERP Versus On-Premise ERP - The Pros and Cons

Cloud technology – it's no longer a buzzword! The Cloud is now firmly part of our vernacular and for very good reason. Many best of breed solutions have emerged to provide consumers and businesses with amazing software solutions that enable them

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10 ERP Implementation Issues to Avoid

Upgrading your business management software or launching an ERP project is a hugely important process that signifies a positive yet massive step forward for any business. 


Unfortunately there is no easy way to implement any ERP solution, but by

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Accurate business information just isn’t good enough?

How often have senior executives and boards found themselves discussing the last month, the last quarter, the last year? How often do management teams talk about how the last fortnight was, the last week and even the last day? What were year on

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ERP - A Total Business Management System


1. What is ERP?

The term ‘ERP’ has broadened in recent years. Traditionally encompassing management of raw materials, cash flow and production capacity, it lived up to its name by only being available to enterprises, and was considered too

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Digital Transformation – What is it and what role should my ERP system play?

Digital Transformation involves ‘different thinking, the encouragement of innovation and new business models, incorporating digitisation of assets and an increased use of technology to improve the experience of your organisation’s employees,

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What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning or ERP as its known is a software system used to plan and manage all of the business processes within your company or organisation. To understand the power of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and how they can

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