The 5 Key Elements of Business Management Software

If you are evaluating your business management software with a view to replacing or updating your system, it is important to understand the key elements required.


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How to Master Customer Data Management.

Your supplier is offering 50% off a product and you know if you bought a batch you could up-sell them to your existing customers with a good mark up.  You run a sales report to see who has bought it before and you go to your customer database to

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CRM Strategy: Different Things To Different People

In the space of a week, three conversations with different professionals regarding varying requirements occurred but they all fall under the same umbrella of â€˜Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM).

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What makes a business 'smart'?

From the moment a potential customer contacts your business, the process of information gathering begins. The more up-to-date, accurate and complete the information, the more valuable it will be to your business. 


How you deal with this

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CRM: 10 things you can do today to improve your customer service

Your reputation is only as good as the customer service you provide.  Whatever experience your customers have with your business, you can be sure they will pass on their encounters, both good and bad, to a wider network of friends and family.

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