Business Process Management - BPM Tools to Benefit your Business

The Benefits of Automation 

Today’s business environment demands the highest level of efficiency possible. One of the best ways to effectively achieve this is to leverage your business software to automate labour-intensive processes.


By utilising your system’s alerts or workflows you can automate a series of tasks as soon as a condition is met.  This is where you can really make your system work for you; empowering you to keep on top of critical business issues as they occur or pre-empt them before they need your attention.


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Some business process automation tools focus on time and tasks, others on workflow or rules.  Below, we’ve highlighted just 3 of the ways you can save time and money…


Automated Scheduled Reports – Why spend time running reports when you can have your key performance measurements and tailored reports automatically sent to your email account, printer or on-screen?


Automated Control Desk – An even easier way to keep an eye on your KPIs.  Set up your on-screen control desk to automatically show your top KPIs upon opening your system. Updated in real-time,  this is an unquestionable time saver


Automated Suggested Orders – Poor stock management could be costing your business thousands. By employing order point recalculations and replenishment rules to your business you can better utilise your suppliers lead times and aim for optimal stock holding based on analysed, historical data. This in turn can increase your cashflow and greatly improve your customer service.


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Modern business management software or ERP systems include include the automated processes outlined above as standard. Other automated features include prompts at the trade counter, back-to-back re-ordering, margin protection, integration with credit card terminals, alerts and output rules.


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