ERP Software built using the Agile Development Framework

Incredible changes happen in Intact iQ every day. These can range from simple tweaks in the system to completely new modules.  All are created with one goal in mind - to satisfy the unique requirements of our 2,500 + customers (28,000+ end users) and of course, our future users.   


For us, there is no greater pleasure than enabling our customers to easily record, measure and control their business from a single place, giving them access to the information they need, when they need it.


To deliver the agile ERP and business management system SME’s require in the 21st century, 5 powerful forces must come together to make it happen…



1. Customer Feedback

Our customers are our lifeblood - the reason we are in business. They shape our products. They drive our product roadmap and they feed our R&D.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without their constant feedback and continuous input. Our customer development projects are mutually agreed with our customers ensuring we focus on the projects they deem a priority to their business.


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2. Scrum Process

The scrum process we use internally is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of principles and practices that enable our team to deliver on customer expectations.  It enables us to shorten program change cycles, supports faster feedback and instils customer confidence.  The scrum framework also promotes continual improvement, rapid adaptation to change and helps us to enforce rigorous in-house testing so Intact iQ is always reliable & robust.






3. Dedicated Team of Developers

Our amazing (and growing) team of developers are dedicated to the continuous improvement of Intact iQ for customers.  Every morning they assess, discuss and update their current work items using the scrum process.  This system is so rigorous that no stone is left unturned.  Program changes are made, customers get what they want and in turnaround times that rival others in the industry.




4. Continuous Innovations

Our 'innovations' roadmap is never an afterthought. During every sprint process (i.e. bi-weekly), time is allocated to developing innovative features and functionality.  These innovations are designed to make a momentous improvement to our customers' business operations and our development framework is structured to ensure these innovations are facilitated; turning good ideas into reality. Every day of every working week a percentage of our development team will focus solely on bringing these innovations to life.




5. Agile Development Framework

The agile development framework at the core of Intact iQ enables 3 things to happen:


  1. Customers get a flexible product and the freedom to flex and tweak it to suit their individual requirements with the abilities to personalise screens, make fields required & build detailed lists to eradicate continuous reporting. Very few software applications can do this and those that can require complex programming… not in Intact iQ.
  2. Intact iQ Consultants get greater powers to work with you to further enhance your system so that the users within your business can carry out their functions with ease. This can include adding unlimited customised fields anywhere in the system, creating workflows or setting up scheduled reports.  This unique ability to tailor the system to your individual requirements is done practically ‘while-you-wait’ and doesn’t affect the core of the program which again eliminates the need to involve costly development charges and makes you always eligible for new feature upgrades.
  3. Developers are left to concentrate solely on creating new features – from those requested daily by our customers to the features and innovations that will future proof the product and maintain its highly attributed compliance.

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As you can see, our agile development framework enables us to continuously innovate to bring you new features and capabilities that make your life easier.  We are strong believers in enabling you to rapidly and intuitively react to changing market conditions and our agile development framework makes this possible.


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