Mark McArdle

Mark has been part of the Intact Software team since 1997, during which time he has held various sales and management positions within the company.  During the first 10 years, Mark would have been personally involved in selling Intact Software directly into over 300 sites and recruiting a number of UK partners.  In recent years, Mark was Managing Director of the Irish arm of the business and in 2013, his role was extended to Group Sales Director with responsibility for international business development. He now manages a team of direct sales personnel and is responsible for finding and appointing partners internationally. 
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Accounting Software Benefits Add Up

Lot's of businesses are benefiting from a new wave of accounting software that manages to be more sophisticated and easier to implement. Old men in grey suits poring over ledgers has been a hard to shift representation of accountancy and

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If you’re looking for a Sage alternative, this might help...

Firstly, slow down and consider your options.

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Modern technologies move accounting software into a new era

It is often commented that “if you stand still, life will pass you by”.  This also relates to business.


The basic concept of any business is to buy well and sell for a profit or provide a service for a price that offers a suitable remuneration

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