Justin Lawless

Leading Intact Software is Justin Lawless. With vast experience in delivering quality software and hardware infrastructure projects, he is considered an expert in his field. When he's not implementing Intact's growth plans, Justin enjoys family time, all things guitar and surfing off the west coast of Ireland.

Recent Posts

Mobile First - The Role of Enterprise Mobility in Your Business

There is a raft of enterprise mobility options out there for businesses to choose from, however just because a solution exists that doesn’t mean it’s the right option for your business. 60% of Google Store apps have never been downloaded, 20 %

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Still curious about the cloud & Cloud ERP Software ?

First of all, the cloud isn’t as transient as it sounds.  A strong wind won’t move it along and the sun won’t dissolve it (unless there is a severe shift in the earth’s axis).  You can touch it, you can feel and smell it…. and it looks something

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