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Accounting Software: Managing your accounts payable to improve cash flow

Following on from our 5 ways to improve your cash flow and how your accounts system can help we go deeper into improving your cash flow

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11 must-have EPOS system features (Part 3 of 3)

To complete my series on 'Operating a Point of Sale/Trade counter - is your software up to the test?', I have outlined the final 11 crucial features you're ePOS system should offer in order to provide a speedy and accurate service at the trade

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10 ways accounting & business management software can save you time

When time is money, any business process that keeps you away from expanding your business, finding new customers and bringing in more profit can be extremely costly.

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CRM: 10 things you can do today to improve your customer service

Your reputation is only as good as the customer service you provide.  Whatever experience your customers have with your business, you can be sure they will pass on their encounters, both good and bad, to a wider network of friends and family.

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5 good reasons to incorporate online backup into your data protection strategy

I can't stress enough the importance of having an online backup of your data.  Believe me, you could lose your data at the most inopportune moment and it will be then and only then that you'll realise the importance of having it for your business.

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Exposing the importance of having an online backup of your mobile data

serious security vulnerability on Android devices that allows them to be wiped clean by clicking on a link has been revealed in the last couple of weeks.

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