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How long does ERP Implementation take & when's the best time to begin?

For those deciding to upgrade their current business management software or preparing to invest in an ERP system there can be a lot of unknowns from the outset. 

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Accounting Software: More than just debits and credits

Debits and credits may not have changed a whole lot since the days of the pencil and lined journal but the surrounding peripherals that make up a business management system have grown dramatically over the years.

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5 Key benefits to using a fully integrated POS system

In most businesses where there is a mixture of cash and credit sales, typically in hardware stores, plumbing, electrical wholesalers, bathroom showrooms, tiles or any other retail and/or trade environment, fully integrated trade counter point of

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10 Ways Effective Stock Management Eases the Pressure on Time & Costs

In order to streamline your business you must have a well-functioning stock management system.  With the right technology and tools available you can then put in place the rules, procedures and policies that will enable you to implement an

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How to Master Customer Data Management.

Your supplier is offering 50% off a product and you know if you bought a batch you could up-sell them to your existing customers with a good mark up.  You run a sales report to see who has bought it before and you go to your customer database to

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What is efficient Sales Cycle Management?

Are you a business owner with sales people working for you? Do you know exactly how your sales reps are performing at any given time?

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What Business Intelligence can do for your Business

More and more SMEs are waking up to the fact that one of the most important aspects of business growth in today’s information world is business intelligence. Being able to collect and analyse your most important metrics is critical. Having the

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Is your ERP system your agile business companion?

Your ERP system must support your business by enabling you to respond rapidly and intuitively to any change in market conditions.


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8 Things to Consider Before Selling online

I get on average one call a week from companies interested in ‘selling online’ – and why wouldn’t they? It is an obvious step for a well-stocked bricks and mortar distributor or wholesaler to widen their potential market by opening a 24/7 online

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5 ways to improve cash flow using your Accounting Software

As today’s tough credit environment continues it is important to keep your cash flow in focus. Cash shortages can prevent you from meeting your financial obligations and make it difficult for you to plan for the future and expand your business.

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